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FMUSER 15W Transmitter Manual

This product uses a new generation of Japanese ROHM's chip FM stereo radio emission (BH1415F) Seiko-produced. This machine looks beautiful, with gold-plated aluminum chassis fully closed, compact structure, shielding is good, solid firm, due to BH1415F integrates PLL frequency PLL, audio pre-emphasis, limiter and low pass filter circuit, the transmission frequency stability, quality class, a high degree of stereo separation performance than the other forums using ROHM's predecessor (BA1404) produced a more superior transmitter. Very suitable for the various tertiary institutions, living quarters, towns and villages and the need to launch high-power high-fidelity audio signals to suit the occasion.

The machine operation simple and easy wiring. Firing frequency of the front panel display using LCD screen, step to 100Khz, through the bottom ofthe "+" and "-" two touch switches to regulate the frequency of upward and downward, fast and intuitive. "Audio" as the standard 3.5mm stereo input jack, you can easily connect to most home stereo audio playback device. Back on the "DC12V" power input socket, through the external 12V/5A (optional larger current margin of) power adapter input (jack inside the cathode), power adapter, switching power supply recommended , such as notebook computers and LCD monitors and other external switching power adapter, connector terminal with a magnetic ring filter is best, so can greatly reduce the power of the transmitter interference, conditional use 12V power supply to the battery of the transmitter .

Masina parameetrid

Operating Voltage: DC 10V ~ 14V,

recommend the use of 12V;

Operating current: <5A; Transmission frequency: 88 ~ 108MHz

Transmit Power:> 15W

Modulation Mode: FM Frequency

Offset: + /-75KHz

Output Impedance: 50 Europe

Harmonic radiation: <-55dbc

Pre-emphasis delay: 50us;;

Eraldatus: 40dB;

Input Level:-13dBV; Applicable to the microphone: Electret condenser microphone

Operation instructions:


1. Operation steps: installing an antenna---->>> to connect the power ---->>>to connect audio source---->>> to connect the microphone

2. Press the power button to boot into normal working condition. AS the step of the bottom: In the back of the transmitter, the antenna interface (ANT) as a BNC interface, therefore, the antenna interface should also be as BNC. External power adapter output voltage DC10 ~ 14V should be within the range of maximum output current should be in 4A above. As shown, the power adapter DC plug connected to the transmitter back "DC12V" on top of the power socket (Note the polarity is correct, he is outside the negative) As shown above, for connecting external sound source audio lines connected to "AUDIO" interface. Should use more cable shielding performance audio cable, 3.5mm plug.



Connect the microphone Connected to the "MIC" jack. And audio cable, like a good selection of shielding wires, plugs for 3.5mm. (Note: The microphone for the microphone type is Electret condenser microphone. Boot Contact person: Sky Blue Email: Web: Skype:sky198710021 Contact person: Sky Blue Email: Web: Skype:sky198710021 After all the preparation work was ready, the power adapter open, the transmitter is in standby mode the screen displays "OFF": Click on the front panel , The transmitter will enter the normal working state, and then, through the "+" or "-" It's two buttons to adjust the working frequency of the machine required frequency. Special features of the setting 1. Attention

(1)Before booting, be sure to had connect the antenna. It is strictly prohibited empty boot.

(2) Audio cable must use shielded cable.

(3)The power adapter output DC voltage is selected as clean, so as not to interfere with the transmitter.

(4) Avoid extreme hot or humid environment.

2. General troubleshooting.

A.The frequency can not be adjusted. Reason: to set the frequency range may be errors, high-frequency than low-end high frequency. Solution: re-setting the relevant Contact person: Sky Blue Email: Web: Skype:sky198710021 Contact person: Sky Blue Email: Web: Skype:sky198710021 parameters (see instructions)

B. To open the boot method, press the power button, the flash look, LCD displays "OFF" Reasons: low-voltage, over-power adapter with a lower load capacity.

Solution: replace the power adapter (12V/4A)

C. Sound distortion serious Cause: The input audio amplitude is too large. Workaround: down the volume of the sound source.

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